Davis Professional Services Now Partnering with IFMA 

Davis Professional Services is pleased to announce that we have now become a member not only of the International Facility Management Association, but the local IFMA of Hampton Roads.

Davis Professional Services Looking for Certified Carpet Technician 

Davis Professional Services is currently looking for a Certified Carpet Cleaning Technician. Must have at least 3 years experience in the carpet cleaning industry. Both Residential and Commercial. Must have great communication skills and be able to schedule and run a small crew. Experience in hard surface floors also a plus. Competitive wages and Benefits. Please send resume to Davis Professional Services.

Davis Professional Services Helping Union Mission MInistries 

Davis Professional Services was honored to be part of the Team getting the new Union Mission Men's Dorm ready for grand opening. Union Mission Installed a no wax - buff only floor. They called on Davis Professional Services to  clean and buff out the floors to a finished move in ready condition. For more information about this type of floor or any floor care needs you might have please contact Chris Isaac at 431-1344. 

Weather Update 2/17/15 

The First February Nomination!! 

Part 1:

We here at...would like to nominate Carl. I have never worked for a company that had a janitor show up dressed like he is going to church and take such pride in his appearance and his work. He makes it a point to  remember everyone’s Birthday and leave a card on their desk and goes out of his way to let you know he has it all under control. We are so thankful for him. How do I nominate him for a Bravo card?

 Thank you for listening. 

Andrea Gimm

Trending in 2015 for Facilities Management  

Facilities Management: Trends for 2015

The first month of 2015 has come and gone but it has brought much insight into the future of facilities management. Davis will highlight the 9 trends and where we are in regards to the learning curve for the facilities management industry.

Topping the list is “Upper Management Intervention.” Highlights are:

·       Outcome and results driven

Did You See the Restrooms?! 

There are some areas of cleanliness that the public will overlook; however, the restroom is not one of those. A dirty restroom can turn current customers into former customers or prospects into…well, you get the idea. The top 4 reasons restrooms are considered dirty:



1.       Grimy, sticky floors

2.       Unflushed toilets

3.       Odor

We Want to Recognize Our Clients! 

Win an award? Complete a certification? Recognized for community outreach? Allow Davis to brag on your company! We would enjoy highlighting the success of our clients and their hard work.

How We are Set Apart from the Rest! 

Using the best combination of technology and customer service Davis has been set apart from other building service providers in the Hampton Roads region. With capabilities to submit client work orders and concerns from desktops or mobile devices, CleanTelligent encourages communication between the client and Davis team members.

Listen to what CEO Jerry Flug, Jr. has to say! 

After accepting the award, Jerry had a few things to say. Watch here.